Rantina's Derby Hat of ReJoyce: "Kaila"

CERF WP-3512/2009--25 | MYOSTATIN N/N

CH Bohem Bon Vivant x CH Rantina's New Millennium
Bred by Sabine Salo
Whelped May 2, 2007
Owned and loved by Darleen and John Paddach of Michigan

Kaila's first night in her new home

In Hebrew and Hawaiian, "Kaila" means "laurel crown." Kaila looks like her daddy Jonny (CH Bohem Bon Vivant). She's a half-sister to Renner, and in her early years at ReJoyce, she often did her best to upstage big brother.

Kaila came to live at ReJoyce on Sunday, August 12, 2007. She gave us eight (8) beautiful puppies (including Prissy) on Tuesday, June 9, 2009, sired by "James" (CH Woodbrook's Ask Me How I Feel). When we stopped breeding and showing Whippets in 2012, Kaila went to enjoy her retirement with John and Darleen Pallach of central Michigan. On her first night in her new home, Darleen and John wrote:
So great to have met you both. I hope you will not worry about Kaila, she will always have a loving home with us, and she will be very spoiled... Kaila had a great ride home, we put her in the cage, and she laid right down and settled in for the ride home. We are so fortunate to have found her... Thanks for all your trust in us, we will take the best of care of this little girl.
The Pallachs wrote again a week later, on Sunday, August 5, 2012:
We are having lots of fun with Kaila, she is a real sweet dog. She has now learned how to sit, and she follows me all over the house. She is a little scared of John and his voice, but when I am not here she is with him. Willow is making adjustments, and Kaila is the talk of the neighborhood, all the little kids just love her. We go for a walk every morning before the heat, and late in the evening. She loves to watch all the bunnies around the neighborhood. She is eating well, and no accidents in the house. Went to the vets this week for her shots and checkup, and all is good. I will be having her spayed in the next two weeks. Just wanted to give you an update on her progress. She is sleeping in her bed at night, right next to Willow. She just so darn cute. Thanks again for letting us take care of your sweet Kaila, we do love her.
It is we who thank you, John and Dar, for contacting us about Kaila and for proving to be exactly the special kind of owners we hoped to find for our little "Mama Dog." We also thank our friend Barbara Timm, Woods Runner Whippets (breeder of Kaila's new Whippet playmate, Willow) for her accurate description of Dar and John as "excellent dog parents."

Kaila at 8 months, off side, 12-24-2007Portrait of Kaila at 9 months, 02-26-2008

Pedigree of Rantina's Derby Hat of ReJoyce

Rantina's Derby Hat of ReJoyce

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