Shannon's Show Photos

Shannon earned his first point with his former owner, Anne Marie Hynes, MD, of Loranne Italian Greyhounds. Special thanks to Dr. Hynes and Loretta Strang for honoring us with this picture.

Shannon-WD and BOS-Clermont County KC
Winner's Dog (1 point) and
Best of Opposite Sex:
Clermont County Kennel Club, Inc.
9 September 2001
Judge Neena L. VanCamp

Shannon-WD and BOW-Kalamazoo KC
Winner's Dog (MAJOR) and
Best of Winners:
Kalamazoo Kennel Club
Sunday, 26 May 2002
Judge Mrs. Anita Dunne

Shannon-WD-Battle Creek KC
Winner's Dog (MAJOR):
Battle Creek Kennel Club
Monday, 27 May 2002
Judge Dr. Jacklyn E. Hungerland

Shannon-WD-Genesee Valley KC
Winner's Dog (1 point):
Genesee Valley Kennel Club II
6 July 2002
Judge Mrs. Paula H. Hartinger

Shannon-WD, BOS-Oakland County KC
Winner's Dog and
Best of Opposite Sex (2 points):
Oakland County Kennel Club
Sunday, 19 January 2003
Judge Kathleen Davenport