About Whippets...

Whippet lovers are passionate about this breed, and many share that passion eloquently. Listed below are several unique, original articles by respected members of the North American Whippet community, and we are honored to have permission from each author to present these for your education and enjoyment. Also included is an excerpt from Dogs and All About Them by Robert Leighton, originally published in 1910.

The Books, Magazines, and Videos listed below provide more great information about Whippets, and be sure to check out our favorite Whippet and Sighthound Resources too.
Another collection of Articles to Assist Whippet Owners is found on the WhippetView web site.

Books, Magazines, Videos

    "The Whippet News: The Official Newsletter of the American Whippet Club" comes in full color downloadable .PDF format or in print. The monthly publication keeps its readers informed about the AWC's National and regional Specialties and supported entries. It's also a great venue for cost-conscious advertisers (even "just" pet owners!) to spread the word about their sighthounds' whelps, wins, and wares. And, each and every Annual is a prized possession, a collector's item, and an unbeatable resource of contemporary breed history.

    Subscription information is found on the American Whippet Club's web site.

  • THE WHIPPET (video)
    The Whippet Breed Council of Great Britain's Kennel Club produced this 35-minute video. The differences between the Whippets featured throughout this video and those we see in American show rings today are unmistakable. We think all American Whippet lovers should see this video at least once. It is distributed in the US by Sharon Sakson.

  • SIGHTHOUNDS AFIELD: The Complete Guide to Sighthound Breeds & Amateur Performance Events (With a Comprehensive Chapter on Adopted Ex-Racing Greyhounds) by Denise Como (2004).

  • THE WHIPPET by Bo Bengtson (Bohem Whippets) (First published 1985, second edition 1994), available from the American Whippet Club for $35 US plus shipping ($6.50 US for priority mail in the US, $10 US for shipping to Canada, or $20 US for international airmail).

  • THE WHIPPET by J. P. Moran-Healy (2000).

  • THE ENGLISH WHIPPET by E. G. Walsh and Mary Lowe (First published 1984, reprinted 2004).

  • WHIPPETS TODAY by Patsy Gilmour (1994).

  • THE WHIPPET HANDBOOK by Lewis Renwick (First published in 1957, reprinted 1964).

  • THE COMPLETE WHIPPET by Louis Pegram (1976).

  • THE WHIPPET OR RACE-DOG by Freeman Lloyd (First published 1904, reprinted 2002).

  • ALL ABOUT GAZEHOUNDS by Joanna Russell (1976).

  • WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN WHIPPETS 1950-1980 (Limited first edition published in 1984 by AK Company).

  • THE WHIPPET YEARBOOK (Published in 1971 by the Northern California Whippet Club).

  • WHIPPETS by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D. (1998).

  • WHIPPET by Dean Keppler (1999).

  • EWHIPPETZINE Online Magazine
    Check out this beautiful and exciting "Everything Whippet" online journal, brought to you by editor Vickie Smith (Heartland Whippets.) Classy design, super-low advertising rates, and you can't beat the subscription price (it's free)!